Capacitación en Inclusión de Discapacidad

Work Without Limits provides training for employers to help build their capacity to include individuals with disabilities in their workplaces successfully. All training suits new staff through senior level executives.
Unless otherwise noted, all courses are:
  • 1-hour in length
  • Available for in-person or virtual delivery via Zoom with live transcription enabled
  • Highly interactive (regardless of delivery format)
  • Concluded with relevant resources to supplement the training and an online training evaluation
  • Followed up with an evaluation summary infographic to the coordinator

Ofertas de formación

Menú de Capacitación para la Inclusión de la Discapacidad.pdf

The following courses are delivered by Work Without Limits and provide a solid foundation for disability inclusion education at all organizational levels. When packaged together, these courses make a well-rounded and progressive inclusion series.

What Attendees Are Saying...
"The case studies were helpful in bringing the content to life. Talking through the different options, so we understood the rationale and could think about how it would be applied."
"I was fascinated by how many people actually have disabilities, whether you can see it or not."
"That there is diversity in disability - very insightful and has me thinking more about this."
"How much value we can get as a company by becoming an employer of choice for people with disabilities."
"Someone can be qualified for a job regardless of one’s assumptions."